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The I95 Report

This interactive digital report makes available the archaeological discoveries from along the Delaware River waterfront, in the neighborhoods of Northern Liberties, Kensington-Fishtown, and Port Richmond. These sites, and the artifacts within them, were uncovered during archaeological excavations conducted in advance of construction work to improve Interstate 95.

Site Spotlight: Port Richmond

The Port Richmond Site (Site Number 36PH0203) is located on the former city block bounded by Richmond, Ann, Melvale, and East Cambria Streets in the Port Richmond section of the city. This historic block now falls within the Conrail Philadelphia property.

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April 1, 2016 - December 31, 2016

WheatonArts is hosting the first major exhibition of artifacts recovered from AECOM’s excavations along I-95 in Philadelphia. Numbering nearly a million thus far, the artifacts reveal over five thousand years of history.



Explore the Neighborhoods

View interactive maps of Northern Liberties, Kensington-Fishtown, Port Richmond

Historic Sites


Port Richmond Site

The Port Richmond Site (Site Number 36PH0203) is located on the former city block bounded by Richmond, Ann, Melvale, and...


Aramingo Canal Site

The notion of building a canal in the Kensington-Fishtown-Port Richmond neighborhoods originated with local businessmen and property owners along the...


Gunner’s Run Site

The Gunner’s Run South Site (36Ph162) was located in the Kensington “Fishtown” section of Philadelphia and encompassed an approximately 2.2-acre...


Cramp/Bumm Site

The Cramp/Bumm Site was located at the former 1018 Palmer Street property, now part of the PennDOT right-of-way along the...

Native American Sites


Hope Farm/Richmond Hall Site

The Hope Farm/Richmond Hall Site was located along the western edge of the adjacent Port Richmond/Conrail Rail Yard. Improvements to I-95 in this portion of the project involved shifting the alignment of Richmond Street to the east of its present location, to a parallel alignment located in the rail yard. This relocated section of Richmond Street extends roughly from Cumberland... View More

What is it?

Can you help us identify this mystery artifact?

This artifact was intentionally carved and shaped from animal bone. Measuring about 1.6 inches in length, it is thicker at the narrow end and tapers at the wider end. Although a portion of the narrow end is broken, there was a cylindrical opening that would have allowed the piece to be attached and pivot on a post or pin. The outside surfaces are shiny, smooth, and appear polished when compared to the surface inside the pivoting section.

Among the other artifacts recovered with this object were pieces of a baby bottle, a gaming piece, and sewing accessories.

If you think you know what this artifact is let us know!

River Chronicles

The River Chronicles is an annually published journal on exploring new discoveries, artifacts and in-depth analysis of the Digging I95 project.