From the Ground Up: Archaeology, Artisans, Everyday Life

Curated and produced by
AECOM’s Cultural Resources Department Burlington, New Jersey

On view until December 31, 2016 at the
Museum of American Glass at Wheaton Arts and Cultural Center in Millville, New Jersey

For almost 10 years, archaeologists from AECOM’s Cultural Resources Department in Burlington, New Jersey, have been working on behalf of the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation and the Federal Highway Administration to recover and preserve local buried history in advance of the Interstate 95/Girard Avenue Improvement Project along the Delaware River north of Center City Philadelphia. From the Ground Up features over 600 artifacts chosen from approximately 1,000,000 artifacts recovered during the ongoing archaeological excavations. Spanning almost 5,000 years of history, AECOM’s exhibition emphasizes how Native Americans and, later, nineteenth-century glassblowers and potters creatively used the region’s natural resources and established a sense of place. The show particularly highlights the archaeological excavations at Dyottville Glass Works and the history of the glass industry that once thrived in the Kensington-Fishtown neighborhood. Gallery videos and live demonstrations at WheatonArts’ glass and ceramics studios allow visitors to learn firsthand about the artisans’ materials and techniques. Additional artifacts on display date from the late eighteenth to early twentieth century and tell how families living along the waterfront prepared and served their food, lit their homes, cared for the sick, fed their children, and addressed personal and social issues that are still relevant today.

From The Ground Up – The Team

Mary Mills
Rebecca White
Stephen Tull
Project Manager
George Cress
Co-Principal Investigator and curatorial assistance, videography
Douglas Mooney
Co-Principal Investigator and curatorial assistance
Chester Cunanan
Graphic design and production, 3-D models
Mark Petrovich
Graphic design and production, videography
Paul Elwork
Jeremy Koch – Research, curatorial and installation assistance
Thomas Kutys – Photography, curatorial and installation assistance
Amy King – Research, curatorial and installation assistance
Ingrid Wuebber – Research and curatorial assistance
Meta Janowitz – Research and curatorial assistance
William Bulger – Research and curatorial assistance
Eileen Hood – Image rights and reproductions
Jack Cresson – Flint-knapping demonstration video
Samuel Pickard – Background research
Daniel Eichinger – Research assistance, field photography
Hilary Powell – Videography
Nina Shinn – Map research
Carolyn Horlacher – Laboratory and installation assistance
Brian Seidel – Laboratory and installation assistance
John Stanzeski – Photography, laboratory and installation assistance
Kasia Madalinska – Artwork, laboratory and installation assistance
Matt Olson –Laboratory and installation assistance
Amy Litterer – Laboratory assistance
Sean Wimberley – Laboratory assistance
Allison Butchko – Laboratory assistance
Matt Harris – Research assistance, GIS
Maureen Esaia – Administrative assistance
Brenda Fischer – Administrative assistance

In appreciation for their assistance with design, production, and installation, we would like to thank Keith Ragone Studio and the staff at WheatonArts:

Susan Gogan
Kristin Qualls
Dianne Wood
Pat Hemsley
Elizabeth Wilk
Jim Morris
Tom Hemsley