Gallery Overview

Below you can find a list of all the galleries currently available on this website:

Aqua bottle, Globe Bottling Company (Catalog no. 19)
Aramingo Canal Site – Artifact Gallery
Hand-excavating fill
Aramingo Canal Site – Excavation Gallery
Project area vicinity in 1808
Aramingo Canal – Historic Maps & Figures Gallery
Moonstruck Pierrot
Cramp/Bumm Site – Artifact Gallery
Cramp/Bumm Site – Maker’s Marks Gallery
Cramp/Bumm Site – Artifacts by Room Floorplan
Dyott and Franklin Flask
Dyottville Glassworks Site – Artifact Gallery
URS archaeologist screening the yard deposits
Dyottville Glassworks Site – Excavation Gallery
Gunnar’s Run South Site
Gunner’s Run Site – Historic Maps & Figures Gallery
A Long-Sounding Call of Childhood
Gunner’s Run Site – Artifact Gallery
Marking a Buried Identity in Philadelphia
Remer Site – Artifact Gallery
Excavations in progress
Remer Site – Excavation Gallery
Fishtown One Site – Excavation Gallery
Fishtown Two Site – Excavation Gallery
A Dream in a Bottle
Historic Section – Kensingtown Neighborhood Gallery
Richards Pipe Bowl
Historic Section – Port Richmond Neighborhood Gallery